Welcome to East Coast Group NY information page on the Zulu Aloe Ferox Plant

My name is Trevor Forde a life long broadcaster and talk show host. Historically I am from an Ebo family from Nigeria who was enslaved and brought to America, escape and fought with the British as loyalist of the crown in the British American war of 1812 and for our fighting gallants, we were given land in Trinidad where we live for the next 150 years before I trevor forde return to the United States of America. Our family has some how stay together for a recorded three hundred years. With many Family belief pass down, one of which is that there are miracle plants and herbs to heal just about anything that affect the human body thus my pursuit of plants like the legendary Zulu Aloe ferox Plant and other super foods. Currently I broadcast a health and wellness program in New York metro area and I am the owner of East Coast Group NY a marketing and media company. I think I should start by telling you a little bit about my company and its project called the East Coast Project which spawns from my radio broadcast on 93.5FM New York and whose goal is to find as many of the true healing plants of the world and present them to you. Zulu Aloe Ferox is one of those Miracle Healing Plants. It has been around for thousands of years dating back to the Egyptians, the Greek, Romans and Africans. It has also been mentioned in the bible several times in John 19:39 for the embalming of the body of Jesus and also in Numbers 24:6 confirming that, the tree of life, aloe are planted by God.
This particular plant grows predominantly in the Cape Region of South Africa and the Zulu land and is the largest and most potent of the 3 consumable Aloe Plant in the world (Grows up to 32 feet). It has 3 key elements to heal the body. As you go through our web site you will discover the variety of products that is made from the Zulu Aloe Ferox plant and the numerous health benefits that can be derived from them. The best way to convince yourself that the Zulu Product is really the miracle that your body needs to eradicate:

  • Effective Internal Body Cleanser
  • Relieves Constipation
  • Eliminates Mucus
  • Enhances Skin
  • Fortifies Your Immune System
  • Repairs Cells and Organs
  • Increases Vitality
  • Assists in Allergy Relief

…. Is to try it. The Zulu Aloe Ferox pant has also created many great Zulu Products for the rejuvenation of the skin, increasing the elasticity of the skin by moisturizing the skin and helping with skin discoloration.

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