Hi ,\r\nI am a so happy I found the zulu Bitter Crystals product approximately 1 year ago and started using it daily.\r\nI lost 30 LBS in 1 year and I feel super energised and my internal system is clean and feels great. The Zulu Bitter Crystal also relieves gas bloating and constipation .

Patrick McVEigh

Hi Trevor, Hope all is well. I am Patrick McVeigh a long time customer and supporter when living near you in Floral Park. \r\nI have moved to north of Atlanta, Georgia. I still have a bottle of the raw crystals since I stocked up before moving.\r\nIf I order the raw crystals is there a charge for shipping? \r\nAre you still on the radio at 5AM/ I have not listened in awhile since many of the programs were repeats. Blessings\r\nYour Friend, Patrick McVeigh

Corren John

I am Corren John from Brooklyn NY , and I use the zulu bitter crystal capsules. I love the product and would refer to any one who needs to clean out their intestines.It make you feel great.

Gadiel letts

Hi,\r\nI am very satisfied with the Zulu Juice , the results was super.\r\nWith a good diet and the Zulu Juice I lost so much weight in a quick space of time.\r\nI give it a 5 star review.

Lasceles D.

BLOOD SUGAR BEFORE 6.8 AND AFTER 6.4 \r\nBLOOD PRESSURE BEFORE 140 AND OVER AFTER 124/60 .\r\nThis is the results after just using the Bitter Crystal Capsule and the Zulu Tea for just 3-4 months.\r\nI took them every day on time and drink lots of water .\r\nI am very pleased with the results and so are my Dr\'s.

Shirley F.

I was introduced to zulu juice by a friend who said this juice will make a difference, and he was right. From the moment I started drinking my two tablespoon a day, I became alive. I have more energy, I feel like my brain cells came alive(better memory), sleeping and eating better, my mental state is better, less mood swings etc. For anyone reading this who hasn’t tried this product, please do so, it will definitely make a difference.

John Agye

I love this product and have to order my supply before i run out .The Zulu bitter crystals help me alot .

Bryan Mc Nab

I am a Zulu Bitter Crystal user for years. < i just found a bottle which i bought about six years ago ,can i still take the crystals?

Davis M.

I have been using the Zulu products for the past 5 yrs and the results are remarkable .\r\nI feel energized and my blood work is great.

Shena Wilson Powell

I was struggling with abdominal pain wasn’t able to visit the bathroom for days,a friend introduced me to this product my life has completely change , now my young sons are enjoying taking this product they say is keeps their colan clean best thing since sliced bread ????????


My name is Trevor Forde a life long broadcaster and talk show host. Historically I am from an Ebo family from Nigeria who was enslaved and brought to America, escape and fought with the British as loyalist of the crown in the British American war of 1812 and for our fighting gallants, we were given land in Trinidad where we live for the next 150 years before I trevor forde return to the United States of America.


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